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How To Write a Rent Demand

In order for a written rent demand to be proper, it must contain specific information.  The written rent demand must set forth the following:

     The written demand must state that the Tenant is required to pay the unpaid rent, or, alternatively return possession of the subject premises.

     The demand must specify the period that rent is claimed owed and the approximate sum of the arrears.

In addition, the written rent demand must be signed by the Landlord, the Landlord’s attorney, or agent on behalf of the Landlord where the Tenant had known from previous dealings with the agent that he or she is authorized to act on behalf of the Landlord.  However, if the Landlord’s attorney signs the written rent demand, it must state that the attorney has the authority to sign the written rent demand and how that authority was obtained.

A written rent demand must be served in the same manner as a Petition and Notice of Petition.

Accordingly, the written rent demand must be served either:

(1) personally on the Tenant; (2) via substitute service, whereby personal service is attempted but the written rent demand is left with a person of suitable age and discretion and then mail a copy at the subject premises the following business day via certified mail and via regular mail, or (3) conspicuous place service, whereby personal service is attempted on two different occasions during different times of the day, and service is unable to be effectuated, the written rent demand may be fastened to the door or slid beneath the entrance, and the following business day a copy is forwarded to the subject premises via certified mail and regular mail.

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