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General Commercial and Corporate Litigation

Engaging in both litigation and transactional matters provides The Siegel Law Firm with a full 360-degree picture of a case and allows our attorneys to attack a case from every angle.

All our attorneys are admitted to practice in and have experience in all New York State courts and the federal courts of the Eastern District of New York and Southern District of New York.  We are also experienced in alternative dispute resolution practices such as arbitration and mediation.

While we are prepared to represent our clients aggressively and zealously, we also aim to find the most cost-effective efficient approach to resolving disputes and avoiding litigation whenever possible. If we can mediate or arbitrate, we will always advise our clients to consider these alternative approaches to resolve disputes. 

We take a common-sense approach to litigation based on investigating the facts and knowing the law. We evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and risks involved in litigation. We know that you are looking for an advocate and we are prepared to do so with an equal emphasis on integrity and ethics.

Our experience includes contract and commercial disputes, real estate litigation, construction matters, employment law, corporate-related litigation involving ownership and governance such as contests for corporate control, and disputes among shareholders or partners. We encourage our clients to explore all available avenues of cost-effective dispute resolution.

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Real Estate, Construction, Landlord/Tenant & Collections

We have experience representing landlords, property owners, asset managers, investors, coops corporations and condominium associations throughout New York in connection with a wide range of real estate related litigation and landlord/tenant disputes, including commercial and residential properties.

We have experience with every real estate asset class:  Retail stores, shopping malls, office buildings, industrial space, hotels, vacant land, Condominiums, HOAs, Coops, single family homes, multifamily homes, rent regulated and section 8 tenants. We can help you draft or review a lease or contract to purchase or sell.  We are experienced at advising you about what is or should be in a contract or lease as well as what to expect that may not be in the written agreement.


The Firm also represents clients in construction litigation involving owners, contractors, and construction managers. We represent clients in connection with collection for the payments owed by because of contract, lease, partnership, or other disputes.

Litigation Requires Experience 


If you require an attorney who has experience in the courtroom and does not shy away from leveraging the power of the courts, you need to call The Siegel Law Firm.  


Bradley Siegel and his associates have extensive litigation experience and can represent you at the negotiation table or in the courtroom in front of a judge or a jury.

Contact The Siegel Law Firm

Litigation is a skill that not all attorneys have. We have the experience to represent your business and offer sound legal counsel.  Call our office at 516-558-7559 to schedule a consultation.

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