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Our Philosophy

Firm Philosophy

Our firm’s philosophy is grounded in developing relations built on trust, honesty, reliability, competence, and fairness. We believe that the closest relationships are based on direct and open communication. We aim to help you reach your goal and aim to realistically manage your expectations.

We welcome the opportunity to show you why you can count on us to help you navigate your situation. We will explain complex legal issues, and help you assess the legal and business risks. We will try to keep things simple and we always look for a practical solution. Our overall goal is to help you succeed!

Team Approach


Whether you have an inside team or an outside team of advisors, we will work together to help blend the unique individual talents that the team possesses.

Long Term Relationships


Every client is unique and special. Whether you are a billion-dollar business or a start-up you will be treated with respect while we endeavor to earn yours. We will be there for you, your business, and your family through good times and tough times.

Attention to detail while keeping an eye on the Big Picture


We will pay attention to the smallest detail while at the same time making sure that we keep our “on the ball” and your overall goals.

Modern Technology & Old School Responsiveness


You work hard and so do we. Current technology helps quicken the pace and facilitates rapid communication. If you need to get it done today or tomorrow we are available by cell phone, email, or text message.

Quality, Value, Competitive Fees, and Open Communication

​We aim to provide the value that you want and deserve. While we can’t guarantee success, we are not satisfied unless you are satisfied. We will analyze what is at stake and provide a reasonable estimate of what your fees will be. We encourage an open dialogue if at any time you have questions or comments about the services we provide.



We will provide personalized attention to your matter and support staff to work on your matter 24/7.  Our goal is to be there for you as your advisor, mentor, and problem solver. If you need us we will be there for you. We act as Of Counsel to other Lawyers and Law Firms including Thaler & Gertler, LLP, and have the lawyers, resources, and support staff to handle matters of any size or complexity.

Your Own In House Counsel


During our more than thirty (30) years of professional legal & business experience, we have provided guidance on a variety of legal and business matters. We understand that your business is extremely important to you. We also understand that legal matters can become apparent obstacles to your success unless they are handled appropriately and in a timely fashion. If an area is outside of our area of expertise, we will discuss this with you and refer you to a professional who can help you.

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