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real estate law.

Real Estate Law

We Handle All Types of Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions

The Siegel Law Firm provides service and representation in a wide variety of Real Estate Transactions. We will always conduct your closing professionally and efficiently. Bradley Siegal has over 30 years of experience handling Real Estate Transactions. He will guide you through the entire process.

Residential Real Estate for Buyers and Sellers including Co-ops and Condos


The Siegel Law Firm works with individuals and families in buying and selling their homes, assisting them in moving on to the next phase of their life. We work with first-time home buyers, investors, growing families looking for a bigger house, families moving in or out of the New York area, or those looking to downsize after retirement. We represent individuals, couples, and families, dealing with their most valuable asset. Dealing with such a valuable asset is a tremendous responsibility that we take seriously.

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Commercial Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

Working with buyers and sellers of commercial real estate can be some of the most complex transactions in real estate. These transactions often involve numerous parties and lending institutions. In addition, depending on the type of property, there are also different laws, regulations, inspections, and other considerations accounted for before closing the transaction.

Throughout his career, Bradley Siegel has dealt with a wide variety of commercial buildings and property, including office buildings, shopping malls, industrial complexes, warehouses, strip malls, grocery stores, and stand-alone commercial buildings. 


Commercial Lease Transactions


 Commercial Leasing involves negotiating and setting up a lease between a landlord and business owner in a retail or other commercial space. These are not standard lease agreements, as seen with residential properties. Instead, commercial leases are long, sometimes being hundreds of pages, and complex documents that require knowledge and experience in drafting and analyzing terms found in such leases.

We represent landlords and tenant in drafting, negotiating commercial leases, subleases, lease amendments, and guaranties. Lease transactions require significant financial commitments by landlords and tenants, and they should not be taken lightly. Our “in house “counsel experience gives us a unique business perspective when representing clients. We have experience working with clients before during and after a lease is signed which gives us an advantage when assessing the risks involved during a lease negotiation.


We will help clients anticipate and plan for future events whether they are an expansion, reduction, or relocation of space. We recognize that it is important to protect our clients’ interests in a cost-effective manner.

Real Estate Brokerage

 We have experience with a variety of real estate brokerage, finder fees, and other commission-based agreements. Whether the agreement is in connection with an ongoing relationship or is a single transaction, we will help think through the many variables that may affect the transaction.

Who We Represent

  • Residential Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

  • Commercial Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

  • Institutional Lenders

  • Private Lenders

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