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foreclosure defense

Loan Modification and Foreclosure Defense

We Will Work to Keep You in Your Home

If you own property and are facing the possibility of foreclosure, there is hope.  We work with homeowners, families, and commercial real estate owners to defend against foreclosure.

You may have received a foreclosure lawsuit, notice of a tax lien sale, or notices from your mortgage lenders of a potential foreclosure lawsuit or warnings of a sheriff’s sale or a tax lien sale of your property. It is important that you confront these lawsuits or warnings as soon as possible with an experienced, knowledgeable attorney on your side who is committed to advocating on your behalf.

We will analyze your situation and inform you of other options that may be available to you, including the possibility of a loan modification, short sale, or working with a bankruptcy attorney to take advantage of an automatic stay of the foreclosure proceedings, and finding a course of action that will allow you to retain your property.


Loan Modification


A loan modification is a plan of how you may restructure your debt in the face of a foreclosure. The Siegel Law Firm will represent homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage or whose situation has changed and can no longer afford their current payment. Such a change is called a loan modification or mortgage modification. We will work with the lending institution to modify the loan to an amount you can regularly pay to avoid a foreclosure.  Lending institutions will generally agree to a loan modification if it is less costly than a foreclosure or charge-off of the debt.

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Applying for a Loan Modification


Applying for a loan modification will require an application process that spells out important financial information, information on the current mortgage, and the details of the hardship that has led to falling behind on your mortgage.

Every loan modification program has its own qualifications and requirements.  Lenders are looking for information on how much you owe, what the property is being used for, whether the property can be used as collateral and the features and condition of the property itself.

Foreclosure Defense


Your home is most often your most valuable asset.  A robust foreclosure defense will not only focus on your current situation but will also look at the mortgage itself and how it has been handled by the original lending institution.  

If you receive a letter from your lending institution that they are about to begin foreclosure proceedings, you need to respond to the message quickly.  Before you respond, give us a call.  Depending on the type of communication you receive you may have as little as 20 or 30 days to respond.  Your first call should be to an attorney to review the communication from the bank and to go over your options.

The foreclosure process can be long and stressful.  You need to have proper representation and counsel to get through the process.  You can remain in your home once the process has started.  The overall process can take over a year, and you are going to have questions as you move forward.  Should you make payments?  Is bankruptcy the right move?  The options can cause more stress and confusion than the foreclosure itself.  Call our office to discuss your present situation. 

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